Asahi Hollywood Acting School

Have no previous experience? No worries!!You can start from the basics and unleash your amazing potential!!

Asahi Hollywood Acting School

Acting is not only for those who want to become professional actors/actresses, but you will acquire useful communication skills which will benefit you regardless of the work field and career. This is an wonderful opportunity to improve your acting skills as well as creative mind and skills.

Who knows? One day, you may become one of the Hollywood Stars!

Asahi Hollywood Acting School

Asahi Hollywood Acting Schoolの強み

  • The Best place to learn English and Acting---the school is located near Hollywood where the world’s best actors and actresses reside.
  • Our curriculum requires no acting experiences! Both beginners and experienced can learn and become strong actors and actresses.
  • You will find out what your heart really wants to do through our Acting school. You will learn the best acting skills from the best instructors.
  • You will become an actor/actress who shows excellent character and qualities on various performing venues.
  • Your communication skills will be much improved which will be your strength in any work field.

Possible Future Job

  • Professional Actor
  • Voice actor
  • Stage Actor
  • film Actor
  • MC
  • Reporter
  • Model
  • Radio DJ
  • Musical Actor

Class Schedule

Week 1-2 Fundamentals of Acting Voice & Diction
Week 3-4 Fundamentals of Acting Physical Training
Week 5-6 On-Camera Acting Script reading & Scene study
Week 7-8 Improvisational Acting Drama
Week 9-10 Drama Performance

School Location

Los Angeles

1100 Wilshire Blvd. #2503 Los Angeles CA 90017


4255 Campus Dr Ste #A-200, Irvine CA 92612